Grey Poupon Mustard Ingredients

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Grey Poupon is a well-known brand of mustard that originated in Dijon, France. It was first produced by Maurice Grey and Auguste Poupon in 1870. Its ingredients include black or brown mustard seeds, or a combination of both, wine, wine vinegar or verjus from unripe grapes, salt and herbs. The Heublein Company purchased the American rights for Grey Poupon in the 1940s.



In the mid-1850s, Maurice Grey of Dijon invented a steam-powered machine for crushing, de-husking and grinding mustard seeds into a powder, according to Before that, the mustard was ground by hand. Since 1937, the ingredients of Dijon mustard have been regulated by French law. However, the mustard seeds themselves need not be from Dijon; neither must the mustard be produced there. Only a small quantity is now produced in Dijon.

Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods produces Grey Poupon in the United States. Its line of Grey Poupon includes seven different mustards: Dijon, Country Dijon, Harvest Coarse Ground, Savory Honey, Mild & Creamy, Hearty Spicy Brown and Deli. The Dijon product is the closest to the original French recipe, according to All the Kraft Grey Poupon mustards contain mustard seed and salt, but may be flavored differently with additional ingredients that were not included in the original recipe.


Flavored Mustards

While Grey Poupon was originally a brand of Dijon mustard, Grey Poupon by Kraft includes mustards which cannot be labeled as Dijon because they are flavored with ingredients other than those originally defined by French law, such as horseradish, onions, lemon juice, sugar and honey.


Grey Poupon mustard can be used simply as a condiment on various meats for sandwiches, added to salad dressings for extra spice, mixed into sauces and dips, and even used in making cocktails. The acidity of the mustard helps balance rich and salty foods, from fatty meats to deep-fried dishes like egg rolls. The coarser varieties of Grey Poupon can also be used as dry rubs for meat before grilling or roasting.