"I'm Sorry" Gifts for Guys

When you know you need to say sorry but cannot quite find the right words to do so, handing your apology over with a gift can be a great idea. "I’m sorry" gifts need to show him how much you care for him, and how deeply sorry you are for whatever it was that you did. With a few creative ideas, you can give him a wonderful gift to help you apologize and he will swiftly forgive and forget.

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Gift Basket

A gift basket crammed with all his favorite treats is a wonderful way to say you’re sorry. Fill or buy a basket with a selection or chocolate delights, his preferred choice of wine or even organic fruits and produce. Be creative and give him a gift basket of goodies you know he will love.

chocolate cookie basket
chocolate cookie basket (Image: Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Heart Bamboo Plant

The heart bamboo plant is a delightful gift idea to apologize to that special guy in your life with. He can place the plant on his desk, mantelpiece or windowsill and be constantly reminded of your love and devotion. The plant is made with two bamboo plants which have been trained into a heart shape. All that is needed is sunlight and water and this beautiful plant will flourish all year round.

bamboo plant
bamboo plant (Image: titinsumartini/iStock/Getty Images)

Romantic Coupon Book

Show him how much you care for him and how sorry you are with a romantic coupon book. He will soon forget why you fell out in the first place as he is pampered with loving activities. Each coupon presents a romantic idea, such as one free massage, a candlelit dinner or one breakfast in bed. You could purchase them for a reasonable fee online or make your own coupon book from card stock.

candlelit dinner
candlelit dinner (Image: gcammino/iStock/Getty Images)

"I'm Sorry" Teddy Bear

The “I’m sorry” teddy bear is so adorable he will need a heart of stone not to forgive you. This cute gift helps you to say sorry in the cutest way possible. You could personalize the teddy bear with his name, an apologetic message or even a heartfelt poem if you are feeling really creative.

teddy bear
teddy bear (Image: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)


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