Homemade Gag Gifts Using Feminine Hygiene Products

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Tampons have more uses than you thought.

Gag gifts are a great way to bring laughs to any party or occasion. Gag gifts that you can make yourself with feminine hygiene products are some of the most amusing, because they make men blush and women giggle. Despite the nature of these homemade presents, they can be made any time of the month!


Maxi-Pad Slippers

Chances are this fancy footwear will not stand up to the floor as well as they stand up against the monthly visitor, so they wouldn't make an adequate replacement for anyone's real slippers. Still, they make an excellent joke gift and are easy to make. Lay two maxi pads on a flat surface for the soles of the slippers. Then, take one pad and fold the ends under to form the top of the open-toed slipper. Tape or glue the ends to one sole, and do this again for the other. You can decorate the top with whatever you like, such as glitter glue, silk flowers, or stickers. You can even attach two panty liners to make bunny ears, and glue on googly eyes and a button nose for the face.


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Tampon Toupee

This craft would make a fitting gift for any man who is getting a bit thin up top – especially one who might be squeamish about certain female bodily functions. Start by dying the tampons an appropriate color with fabric dye. After rinsing and squeezing out any excess water, hang them up until they are completely dry – this can take a day or more. Get a thigh-high stocking, turn it inside out and tie a knot about five inches from the elastic. Turn right side out and stretch it over a dummy head to hold it in place while you work. Then begin layering the tampons, using hot glue or super glue to secure them. Try to arrange them in a natural hair pattern, beginning at the bottom row and working your way up. Don't forget to arrange the top tampons in a classic toupee comb-over pattern!


PMS Cupcake

Any kind of cake is an excellent gift for a woman during her special time of the month, but this cake is both delicious and useful. Begin by removing about 20 tampons from their applicators and wrappers. You may need more or less, depending on the brand and absorbency. Arrange them in a bunch so they're all standing up, string side down. You might prefer to glue them together to make it easier for the next step. Get several mini chocolate bars and arrange them around the tampon bunch, securing them with a ribbon or string. Fit this arrangement into a standard-size muffin-cup liner (the prettier the better). Next, acquire some travel-size packets of PMS-friendly medications: Tylenol, Midol and Diurex are good examples. Lay them flat on the tampons. For the icing, you will need to find maxi pads that come in a cute pink wrapper. Layer a few on top, securing with glue. Add rainbow or red sprinkles with more glue.


Feminine Flower Bouquet

This bouquet uses two types of tampons – a brand like Rely or Always, that fans out from the center in all directions – and Tampax tampons, which have a bulge on one end outside of the applicator. Fan out several of the Rely tampons by getting them a little wet, then leaving them to dry. These are the flower parts of the bouquet. Taking three feet of green florist's wire, fold it in half around a pen and twist the wire down to the ends. When you take it off the pen, you should have a "stem" with a loop on one end. Make several of these, matching the amount with the number of flowers you have. Poke the stems through the center of the flowers, making sure the loop is on the inside. Dip your flowers into a fabric dye of whichever color you prefer, squeeze out the excess, and dry completely. For the pistil/stamen of the flowers, take your Tampax and paint them yellow. After they've dried, cut off the strings and glue them to the center of the flower, pressing the wire loop flat. Arrange your flowers into a bunch and put them in a vase.



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