What Is a Pool Skimmer?

A number of different tools are required when owning and maintaining your own swimming pool. The pH levels in the water need to be tested and adjusted accordingly. A filtering system filters impurities from the water, and anti-bacterial chemicals remove microorganisms to keep the water clean and pure. Other tools include a vacuum and pool skimmers.

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The pool skimmer is a device that is attached to the wall and connected to the suction pump of your swimming pool. As the pump works to circulate the water in the pool, it is filtered through the skimmer and the pool’s filtration system. The skimmer collects larger debris, such as twigs and leaves, insects and other items floating on the surface of the water, which allows for a more efficient pool filtration system.


The skimmer operates in conjunction with the pool’s filtration system. As the water circulates, large debris from the water’s surface enters the reservoir of the skimmer and collects in the removable basket. To clean the skimmer, simply remove the basket, dump the contents and reinsert the basket. Perform this process routinely, especially when larger items such as leaves appear in the basket.


On an in-ground pool, the skimmer is installed on the wall of the pool located near the suction pump. It then works in tandem with the pump. On an above ground pool, the skimmer is installed on the outside wall of the pool with a faceplate on the inside. A pipe runs between the filter pump and the bottom of the skimmer.

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Regardless of whether you have an in-ground or above ground pool, a skimmer is a necessary item. The pool’s filtration system works well for microscopic bacteria and such but will become clogged unnecessarily with twigs, leaves and dead insects when no skimmer is present. This requires more frequent filter replacement and additional costs.


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