The Best Time to Wash Exterior Windows

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Use a squeegee to clean windows.

Washing exterior windows is an important part of keeping a house clean. Clean windows look good from the outside, but they also improve the look inside the house because of all the sunlight that comes in through the windows. Clean your windows as needed, but at least once a year.



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Choose an overcast day to wash windows. If it is sunny, the cleaner will dry on the windows and leave streaks. Early morning before the sun is high in the sky also works.

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Time of Year

Wash your windows in the spring to get rid of the debris from fall leaves and the grime from winter storms. If your climate is mild, you can wash them in the fall as well.

Day of the Week

Choose a day of the week when you have several hours free. Washing windows takes a long time, especially if you have a second story.


Wash the windows when you aren't hindered by any restrictions. This can include restrictions on water set by your municipality in order to conserve water. In addition, look for days when you aren't restricted physically by an injury, since washing windows is hard work.



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