The Best Toilet Flushing Power

Traditional toilets rely on gravity for cleaning the bowl.
Traditional toilets rely on gravity for cleaning the bowl. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

When buying a new toilet, consider things like the color, height, stability, style and flushing power. Flushing power refers to how much solid material the toilet can easily flush down the drain. Some people have concerns about low-flow and other efficiency toilets in regards to the amount of flushing power that they have. To get the most flushing power, use a toilet assisted by a force in addition to gravity.

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Gravity Toilet

A regular toilet works thanks to gravity. This is why the tank that holds the water is located above the bowl. When you flush the toilet, the water is forced by gravity through openings into the bowl where it rinses the surface clean before washing the contents of the bowl down the drain. However, gravity toilets represent the most basic in flush-toilet technology, and do not provide the best flushing power.

Power Assist

The best flushing power on a toilet is obtained by using a power-assist flushing mechanism. These systems are set up in different ways, but as a category they provide the best flushing power for toilets. Instead of relying on gravity alone to drive the water through the bowl, these types of toilets use a blast of pressurized air to push the water down into the toilet. This generates increased force, which flushes away waste more easily.


Two types of power assist toilets exist. Both are effective at providing flushing power, the only difference is that one requires an actual air compressor unit while the other does not. The type that doesn't require a compressor uses an extra water tank to create the pressure. Water is forced into the tank to compress the air. The force created by the compression is used to power the water as it shoots into the toilet.

Overall Design

Power-assisted toilets are built from top to bottom to take advantage of the increased power provided by the pressurization of the water. This means that other aspects of the toilet are changed as well. The bowl shape is altered to ensure that the best use is made of the pressurized water. The result is a quick flush that in less than a minute cleans the bowl with as much as triple the power of a gravity toilet.


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