Decor Ideas for Galvanized Buckets

Create a charming statement with galvanized bucket decorations.
Create a charming statement with galvanized bucket decorations. (Image: Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Create a rustic, country chic look in your home using galvanized buckets as decorative elements. Their natural look and simple design make these buckets ideal accessories in any room of the house. Purchase new galvanized buckets or repurpose buckets that you already own. With a little creativity, you can turn them into unique home decorations.

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Turn galvanized buckets into shabby chic vases. To create a table centerpiece, fill a large bucket with an arrangement of wildflowers, or set single blooms in small galvanized buckets and set them in a circle or a straight line in the center of a table. Use galvanized buckets as outdoor planters. Fill large buckets with potting soil and plant a single type of flower; mums, for example, or plant an array of flowers in the bucket. Set the plant-filled buckets in a garden, on your front steps or along the edge of your walkway.

Attractive Storage

Use galvanized buckets as attractive storage pieces. In a bathroom, fill large buckets with towels and set them on the floor, and place cotton swabs in small buckets and set them on the countertop. In the kitchen, use galvanized buckets to store kitchen utensils next to your stove. For living room storage, fill buckets with magazines, throw pillows or rolled-up throw blankets, and place them in the corners of the room or next to the coffee table or couch.

Candle Holders

Fill any space in your home with a warm glow using galvanized buckets as candle holders. Set tea lights or votive candles in the bottom of small galvanized buckets. Place tall pillar candles in large buckets so they are visible above the top of the buckets. To add further interest, paint a design on the outside of the buckets or tie a decorative ribbon on the handle or around the bucket itself. Place the candle-filled buckets on a mantle, along your walkway, down the steps in your home or in the center of a table.

Holiday Decorations

Add a touch of country to your holiday decor with galvanized buckets. For a Halloween decoration, paint the outside of any size galvanized bucket orange or white and add facial features to create a pumpkin or ghost. During the Christmas season, hang small galvanized buckets from the branches of a Christmas tree. Fill galvanized buckets with Easter grass and candy to create charming Easter baskets. For the Fourth of July, paint red, white and blue stars on the outside of a bucket.

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