Plastic Medicine Bottles Crafts

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We all accumulate old pain reliever and prescription bottles in the medicine cabinet, but don't throw them away just yet. With a few supplies from the arts and crafts store and a few items from around the house, those bottles can have new life as travel kits, art stamps or noise makers.


Travel-Size Sewing Kit

Soak the label off a plastic medicine bottle and wash it with hot, soapy water. Fill the bottle with sewing needles, a bobbin loaded with thread, a few buttons, a measuring tape and a safety pin. Decorate the top to complement what's inside the bottle by gluing a cluster of brightly colored buttons with a hot glue gun.

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Miniature First Aid Kit

Fill a clean, dry plastic medicine bottle with a packaged alcohol wipe, a Band-Aid, pain reliever, tweezers and clean gauze. Make a label that says "First Aid" and draw a red cross on it. Wrap it around the bottle -- you can even put it over the old label -- and secure it with clear packing tape.



Draw small letters, numbers and simple shapes onto sheets of craft foam. Cut them out and glue them onto the lids of an empty plastic medicine bottle. Secure the lid on the bottle. Let children press the stamp into an ink pad and use it for decorating paper.


Wrap strips of colored paper around empty plastic medicine bottles; secure with glue or clear packing tape. You can also paint the outside of the empty bottles with acrylic paint. Fill the bottles with washers, dried beans, rice, coins, gravel or jingle bells and give them to preschool children as hand-held instruments. They can also be used as New Year's Eve noisemakers.