Do It Yourself: Money Bag Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Plain clothes

  • Large piece of sheeting or burlap-type fabric

  • Pinking shears

  • Fabric glue

  • 2-inch braid or webbing

  • Drawstring

  • Fabric paint or felt

  • Fake paper bank notes

A money bag costume is a humorous idea for a person who suffers a reputation for keeping a tight hold on his money, as long as this person doesn't take him- or herself too seriously. Money bag costumes can be adapted to provide an unusual twist on various themes. For example, for a couple going to a Wild West party, one person could dress as an outlaw and the other as a Wild West bank money bag.


Fold the Fabric in Half

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Fold a large piece of sheeting or burlap-type fabric in half. It should reach approximately from your head to your knees when folded and be the width of your outstretched arms.


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Cut the Leg Holes

Cut two slits in the fold of the fabric close to the center to make leg holes. Use pinking shears to help stop the fabric from fraying.

Create the Body of the Money Bag Costume

Create a 1-inch fold to the left side of the fabric. Apply an unbroken line of fabric glue along the folded edge to seal it. Repeat with the right side. Let both sides dry. You should now have a giant bag.


Cut the Arm Holes

Mark arm holes at the sides of the fabric approximately 15 inches from the top edge. Cut the holes out with your shears.

Make a Drawstring

Lay the money bag flat. Make a casing for the drawstring by gluing only the top and bottom of a 1-1/2 inch-wide strip of fabric around the inside of the bag, about 8 inches above the armholes. Leave a 6-inch gap with openings at either end to thread the drawstring through. Let the glue dry.


Thread the Drawstring

Thread the drawstring through the casing by attaching it to a safety pin, and then pushing it through the enclosed drawstring channel with your thumb and forefinger.

Stuff the Money Bag

Image Credit: jwblinn/iStock/GettyImages

Place newspaper inside the bag to avoid paint bleeding through to the other side. Decorate the front of the bag with a large dollar sign using fabric paint, or cut a sign out of felt or fabric and stick it in place with fabric glue.



Dress in Your Regular Clothes

Wear plain clothes under your costume that will not distract from it; black or white items are ideal.

Pull on the Money Bag

Step into the money bag. Fill it with padding. Use anything light and bulky, such as wadding, bubble wrap, or blown-up balloons. Tie the drawstring loosely at your neck.


Decorate With Some Money

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Attach fake paper bank notes to the top of the bag around your neck. Use play money or rectangles cut from green construction paper. Glue or pin them in position to complete your money bag costume.


Make a black money bag with a skull and crossbones for a pirate party.

Make a loot bag to accompany a partner in a burglar costume.

Spice up the money bag costume with sunglasses or a top hat and cane.


Ensure strings around your neck are not tied tightly or are in danger of becoming tangled.


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