How to Troubleshoot a Troy-Bilt Generator

Troy-Bilt is a company that makes several types of power equipment, including mowers, shredders, tillers, blowers, snow throwers, splitters and trimmers. Troy-Bilt also makes portable generators that will help you keep powered up in your home or business in the case of a power interruption. Since the generator is your last line of power, it is important to keep it running smoothly for when you need it. Using a few troubleshooting tips will help keep your generator going when you experience minor problems.

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Inspect the cord for a proper connection and ensure the device you connect to the generator is in good condition if the generator is running but you have no AC output. Reset the circuit breaker if it has been tripped.

Connect fewer devices to the generator and look for short circuits in your connected devices if the generator is running well, but gets bogged down when a load is added.

Ensure the generator is placed on a level surface and is filled to the proper level with oil if it has trouble starting or runs rough. Refer to the manufacturer’s chart to determine how many running watts specific appliances use at one time, and don’t exceed the recommendations.

Fill the fuel tank or lighten the load of connected devices if the generator shuts down during operation or lacks power while you’re using it.


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