How to Cover an Outdoor Electrical Box

Don't let rain or snow damage your electricity box.
Don't let rain or snow damage your electricity box. (Image: Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Everyone knows that electricity and water don’t mix, which is the main reason you should cover your outdoor electrical box. Leaving your outdoor electrical box unprotected can cause major electrical damage to your home. Any moisture that enters the box can short-circuit your box, causing a costly repair. Prevention is the best method, and installation is an easy process. Outdoor electrical box covers are available at your local hardware store.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Outdoor electrical box cover
  • Power drill
  • Carbide drill bit
  • Drill bit
  • Screw tip
  • Screws
  • Silicone caulk

Video of the Day

Measure the length, width and height of your electrical box using a tape measure.

Purchase an outdoor electrical box cover from your local hardware store. The dimensions of the cover should be larger than the dimensions of your electrical box.

Place the cover over the electrical box. Insert a marker into the center of the attachment holes. Mark the placement of the holes on the wall. Most covers come with pre-drilled holes for screws to attach the box to the wall.

Remove the cover and drill pilot holes through the marks on the wall, using a power drill. Use a carbide drill bit for concrete, brick, aluminum siding and tile walls. Use a regular drill bit for wood walls.

Replace the drill bit with a screw tip. Place the cover over the electrical box and match the attachment holes with the pilot holes. Insert screws through the attachment holes and drill the screws into the wall with a power drill.

Squeeze a layer of silicone caulk around the edges of the cover. Silicone caulk is water-resistant. Let the silicone caulk dry for one day. Your outdoor electrical box is now covered.

Tips & Warnings

  • Silicone caulk is available at your local hardware store.
  • Wear protective mask, goggles and gloves when handling a power drill.


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