Do it Yourself Mole Extermination

A mole can ruin the look of a well-groomed yard.
A mole can ruin the look of a well-groomed yard. (Image: Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Moles can destroy a yard because of the tunnels they make. These tunnels are 5 to 8 inches deep and can be 2 inches below the surface or as deep as 20 inches. According to Purdue University, only two effective ways will get rid of moles. The first is to bait the moles with something that attracts moles; moles are primarily carnivores. The second way to exterminate moles is to set traps and remove moles from the premises.

Things You'll Need

  • Large glass jar
  • Board
  • Worm-shaped bait

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Find one tunnel that moles use to travel through. These tunnels are straight and often near gutters or curbs.

Check the travel tunnel to see if it is active. Flatten the lifted soil of the tunnel, making it even with the rest of your lawn. Go back the next day to see if the soil is lifted back up. If the dirt is lifted, then it is an active tunnel.

Dig carefully into the middle of the active travel tunnel. Then dig down deep enough and wide enough to fit a quart-sized glass jar into the tunnel so the open top of the jar is level with the bottom of the mole run.

Place the bait inside of the jar to attract the moles into the jar. The bait will also distract the mole from detecting any tampering with the run. Use bait that is made for moles, not for rodents. Moles are not rodents.

Cover the hole in the mole tunnel with a board to block out light. The tunnel needs to stay dark or the moles will suspect something has happened to the tunnel.

Check the trap once or twice a day to exterminate the moles. There should be one or two moles a day until you trap all of the moles using that run. The moles will travel across the run, fall into the jar and the slippery glass sides will not let the mole escape. Exterminate the moles by drowning, head trauma or feeding them poisonous mole bait.


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