How to Exterminate Bees Nesting in the Ground

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Things You'll Need

  • Bee spray

  • Insecticide dust

  • Long-sleeve shirt

  • Gloves

  • Boots

  • Bee mask

  • Duct tape

Digger bees and yellow jackets create ground nests.

Yellow jackets and digger bees are the main wasp and bee that create habitats in ground nests. The yellow jacket will have a colony while the digger bee will have a solitary nest, which may be surrounded by other digger bee's solitary nests. Exterminating these nests should only occur if they interfere with daily activities. Applying an insecticide dust in partnership with a wasp- and bee-killing spray will do the trick.


Step 1

Yellow jackets make nests in the ground.

Purchase a wasp- and bee-killing spray, an insecticide dust and a bee mask in the pest control section of a hardware store.


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Step 2

Use a bee mask, if possible.

Put on a long-sleeve shirt, gloves, boots and a bee mask and apply duct tape to all the opening where the clothing meets. This will ensure bees or wasps do not have access to your open skin.


Step 3

Locate the nest hole of the bee or wasp nest. A yellow jacket's nest may be large enough to fit a rodent or a small hole with barely enough room for the bees to squeeze in. Digger bees generally have very small holes because they nest close to one another and dig their nests in soft soil. Watch the hole to see if bees or wasps enter and if they do, this is the entrance.


Step 4

Douse the entrance with insecticide dust and wasp- and bee-killing spray. Do this in the evening when bees and wasps are less active. Go check the nest the next day and if the bees or wasps are still active, continue treating the nest this way each day until no signs of bees or wasps exist.


Bring someone with you to exterminate the ground nest in case the bees or wasps attack. One of you will be able to run for help if the other person is incapacitated by bee or wasp stings.


Never approach a bee or wasp nest without proper attire.

Always have an escape plan in case the bees or wasps attack.



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