How to Make a Cute Girly Elf Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Green dress or skirt and shirt

  • Green netting

  • Elastic thread

  • Needle

  • White fake fur

  • Large white buttons

  • Opaque green or striped tights

  • Green felt

  • Craft bells

  • Crumpled newspaper or cotton

  • Red face paint

  • Soft sponge

Search closets for green clothing to adapt for a costume.

Many girls love elves and fairies and welcome the idea of dressing up as a magical creature. Elf costumes are ideal for woodland parties and provide an excellent alternative to glittery fairy costumes for girls who are more interested in nature and the outdoors. Making a costume is an enjoyable activity to share with your child. Adapt clothes from closets at home or search thrift stores for suitable items to use. Elf costumes are also ideal for Christmas parties.

Step 1

Find a green dress or a long-sleeved green shirt and green skirt to use as a base for your costume. The skirt should be mid-thigh length. If necessary, make a green tutu-style skirt out of netting. Cut strips of netting about 6 inches longer than the desired skirt length. Sew along the waist edge with elastic thread using a running stitch. Gather the skirt around the waist and stitch into position.

Step 2

Trim the edges of the outfit with white fake fur at the collar, cuffs and hem. Sew large white buttons to the front of the shirt.

Step 3

Add a pair of opaque green tights. Striped red and green tights also look cute. Make elf shoes with curled up toes from green felt using the free printable pattern in the Resources section. Trim with a craft bell at each toe.

Step 4

Make a hat by measuring around the circumference of your child's head. Draw a line on a piece of green felt measuring half the length of the circumference. Draw the shape of the elf hat on the felt as if you were looking at it from the side. It should have a point at the top that folds over. Cut two pieces of green felt to the same shape and size. Sew them together at the sides, leaving the base open. Turn the hat right side out and stuff the point with crumpled newspaper or cotton. Add a fake white fur trim around the base and a craft bell at the point.

Step 5

Complete the look by braiding long hair. Moisten a soft sponge with water, dip it in red face paint and apply rosy red cheeks to the child's face.

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