How to Make Salt Blocks for Animals

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Things You'll Need

  • 14 lbs. sea salt

  • 3.3 lbs. bone meal

  • 1.3 lbs. lime

  • 3.5 lbs. clay

  • Molasses

  • Water

  • Large bowl or tub

  • Large wooden spoon or stick

  • Old pots and pans

Make salt blocks for farm animals or to attract wildlife.

Salt blocks are good for many animals because in the animals' natural ecosystems salt and minerals usually occur naturally to provide the sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc that they need to maintain strong bones and muscles. Horses, rabbits, moose, cattle and other animals require salt blocks if they are housed domestically. You can also use a salt block outdoors to attract or maintain wildlife, whether for viewing, photography, farming or hunting. By providing a salt block for animals, you will help improve their overall health. Using just a few tools and components, you can make your own salt block for almost any animal.


Step 1

Place the salt, bone meal, lime and clay together in a large bowl or tub. Add enough water to help soften the texture and make it easier to mix. Use a large wooden spoon or stick to mix the ingredients well.

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Step 2

Continue to add water to ease stirring and help blend the ingredients. Do not add so much water that the mixture becomes watery. You have achieved the proper consistency when you can easily mold and churn the mixture with the wooden spoon or stick.


Step 3

Add molasses to sweeten and bind the mixture as you continue to stir.

Step 4

Drain excess water from the mixture after it has been thoroughly mixed. Remove as much water as possible by repeatedly molding the mix, squeezing water out and draining it until you cannot get any more water out of the mixture.


Step 5

Mold the mixture with your hands into small or large blocks. The size of the blocks depends on the size of the animals you intend to feed.

Step 6

Put the blocks in old pots or pans to prepare them for hardening. Place the blocks in a cool, shaded area and allow them to dry and harden for about two weeks.

Step 7

Remove the salt blocks from the pans and place them in a pasture or stall for your animals.


You can use a few bolts or nails to attach salt blocks to trees to attract outdoor wildlife, or to the sides of a barn stall for horses or other farm animals.

Use sea salt for your salt blocks. Sea salt contains more minerals and nutrients for your animals compared to regular salt.


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