How to Order Wholesale Hair for a Beauty Supply Store

Purchase hair at wholesale pricing.
Purchase hair at wholesale pricing. (Image: Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

When starting a beauty supply store, you will need many things, including hair pieces. To maximize your profits, you want to purchase the hair at wholesale pricing, as this allows you to significantly mark up the hair to a price that earns you a substantial profit while keeping your pricing reasonable to the public. Establishing a relationship with a wholesale supplier will greatly benefit your beauty supply store.

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Browse the Internet. Using search engines such as allows you to type something like "order wholesale hair" or "wholesale hair extensions" into the search box. This will turn up a variety of results pertaining to your search.

Compare pricing and quality. Keep in mind you will want a variety of both human and non-human hair, as this provides you with a number of price points that will be suitable to your clientele.

Determine the amount of hair you will need in comparison to your budget. Order a variety of colors, lengths and styles, but remember you want to stay within budget when making your purchase.

Place your order. New customers will typically be required to pay up front for the wholesale hair, but after you establish a relationship with your wholesale supplier, you will often be invoiced for the hair after it has been delivered to you.


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