How to Remove Hip Dermal Anchor Piercings

A dermal anchor, also called a microdermal, is a type of body piercing that uses jewelry similar to a labret stud. The notable difference in microdermal jewelry is that the foot of the piercing is oval in shape and studded with holes. Tissue grows through the holes underneath the skin, anchoring the microdermal in place. Although they are considered permanent piercings, microdermals do occasionally reject, meaning that the foot starts to push out of the skin. Only a professional piercer with sterile needles and scalpels should remove a microdermal. Attempting to remove them yourself can lead to infection and scarring.

Step 1

Locate a professional piercer in your area. Return to the piercer who placed the microdermal or use the "locate a member" feature at to find one certified by the Association of Professional Piercers.

Step 2

Schedule an appointment with your piercer in advance. Microdermal removal may be a complicated process, so give yourself and your piercer plenty of time.

Step 3

Go to your piercing appointment sober and having just eaten a meal. Eating before body modification procedures helps ensure you will not become lightheaded.

Step 4

Breathe deeply as your piercer removes your dermal anchor. Focus on even inhalations and exhalations throughout the process.

Step 5

Follow the same aftercare instructions as you would for any piercing. Spray your hip with the saline solution sold in most piercing shops and wash the area with antibacterial soap. Continue to follow these instructions until your hip is completely healed.

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