How to Kill Flies Outside With Homemade Things

Things You'll Need

  • Clean 2 liter plastic soda bottle

  • Craft knife

  • Overripe fruit or raw meat

  • Cotton ball

  • Hole punch

  • Wire or string


Biting and swarming flies are a nuisance both indoors and out. Different varieties of flies repulse picnickers by eating their food, buzz in peoples ears while they work outside, and, worst of all transmit numerous diseases. But you can get rid of these pests by creating a simple soda bottle fly trap. Flies will enter the trap’s opening to access bait, and will remain in the trap indefinitely.

Step 1

Remove the soda bottle’s label.

Step 2

Mark the bottle one-third of the way down from the mouth. Using a craft knife, cut off the top of this bottle along this mark.

Step 3

Place a piece of overripe fruit or raw meat in the bottom of the bottle to bait the flies. If fruit flies are a problem, use fruit instead of meat.

Step 4

Soak a cotton ball in water and place it in the bottom of the bottle to prevent flies from dehydrating, and suffering a slow death.

Step 5

Invert the top of the bottle to make a funnel. Stick the funnel into the other half of the bottle.

Step 6

Punch two holes on either side of the top of the bottle and thread wire or string through the holes to make a hanging trap. You can skip this step if making a ground trap.

Step 7

Hang the bait on an outside branch or place it wherever flies are a problem. Check the container every day for flies. Release flies in an area away from your home or pour hot soapy water into the trap to quickly exterminate them. Empty the trap, clean it and replace bait every day.


Ground traps may attract rodents.

Ladybugs, dragonflies and other desirable insects may fall victim to the trap. If you use a solid bait and a cotton ball soaked in water, they should survive inside the trap until you release them.

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