How to Trap a Chipmunk

Things You'll Need

  • Live Animal Trap

  • Peanut Butter

  • Birdseed

  • Sheet

Chipmunks can be hard to get rid of.

The simplest and most humane way to trap a chipmunk is to purchase a live animal trap from your local hardware store. These traps catch the animals alive so they can be relocated. While some use rat traps to catch chipmunks, these traps are incredible harsh and kill the animal in a cruel way. Chipmunks also learn to avoid these traps, so they only work once or twice. A live trap, set properly, will lure any chipmunk in.

Step 1

Mix peanut butter and birdseed together. Save some birdseed.

Step 2

Take the peanut butter mixture, birdseed and the trap outside. Place the trap under a tree, near a burrow or near any place on your property where you have noticed chipmunks.

Step 3

Place the peanut butter on the trap pan. Scatter birdseed at the rear and entrance of the trap. Creating a sparse trail of birdseed into the trap may also be effective.

Step 4

Cover the bottom of the trap in loose grass, straw, or dirt. The more it blends into the surrounding environment the more effective it will be. Take care that this camouflage does not interfere with the trap pan.

Step 5

Set the trap pan by opening the cage door. Designs of trap pans may vary, but most function by simply opening the cage door.

Step 6

Check the trap frequently. When the chipmunk is caught, place the sheet over the cage and drive the animal at least five miles away for relocation.


It is necessary to use some kind of nut paste smeared on the trap pan.


Take care when relocating the chipmunk. Consider the environment you are leaving it in.