How to Make a Fake Tattoo With a Sharpie

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Tattoos are a lifelong commitment, so if you are unsure about getting one, creating a temporary tattoo is a fun and easy way to test how well you will like the real thing. Temporary tattoos will last two to three days, or a shorter amount of time if you scrub them with soap and water. You can easily make a fake tattoo with a Sharpie pen and a few other supplies found around your house.


Things You'll Need

  • Sharpie Pen

  • Scissors

  • Translucent, Loose Powder (Baby Powder Or Face Powder)

  • Tattoo Or Ink Pencil

  • Tracing Paper

  • Image Or Picture Of Tattoo

  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Clear Gel Deodorant

  • Cotton Swabs

  • Fine Tip Pen

Step 1

Find a picture of something you want to recreate as your tattoo. Lay tracing paper on top of it and trace with a fine tip pen. Flip the tracing paper over, and trace the image with your tattoo or ink pencil.


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Step 2

Cut the image out of the tracing paper using scissors. Make sure to leave 1/2 inch of tracing paper along the sides.


Step 3

Rub deodorant on the area of your body you wish to temporarily tattoo.


Step 4

Place the tattoo pencil-side down onto your skin. Press firmly to insure the entire image transfers onto your skin.


Step 5

Remove the tattoo and inspect for mistakes or blurred lines. Apply alcohol to a cotton swab and wipe the swab over the tattoo to remove it if you are unhappy with the way the image transferred. Repeat by applying deodorant and the tattoo again.



Step 6

Outline the image on your skin with the fine tip pen.


Step 7

Add a line or two of ink with the Sharpie to the interior of the tattoo. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to blend the lines of the Sharpie into the lines of the fine tip pen.


Step 8

Outline the tattoo again with the fine tip pen once you are happy with its appearance.

Step 9

Add a light coat of powder on top the the tattoo. This sets it and prevents the ink from moving too much.


Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to your skin to test its reaction before applying your temporary tattoo. Test the Sharpie as well by applying a small dot to the skin. Proceed if you have no reaction.



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