How to Melt Oaxaca Cheese

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Things You'll Need

  • double boiler

  • water

  • Oaxaca cheese

Try Oaxaca cheese in a quesadilla.

Oaxaca cheese is made in Mexico from cow's milk. It is very similar to mozzarella cheese. They are both produced by the same stretching method and have a similar taste. This is a great cheese for melting. It holds its shape until baked, roasted or grilled, and then becomes soft and stringy and develops a richer flavor. It is sometimes called asadero cheese. The word asadero means "roaster," hinting at the ease with which it melts. Oaxaca cheese tastes great in quesadillas, burgers, dips and many other recipes.


Step 1

Add water to bottom pan of double boiler and bring to a boil. Using the double boiler allows the cheese to cook with indirect heat, which keeps the cheese from separating.

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Step 2

Pull the cheese apart into small strings, which will make it it easier for the cheese to melt uniformly.

Step 3

Add the cheese to the top pan of the double boiler. Stir constantly as it melts.

Step 4

Remove the cheese from the pan once it becomes soft and stringy.

Step 5

Add to dishes and foods as appropriate.


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