How to Clean an Outside Red Brick Walkway

Remove dirt from red brick walkways with ammonia.
Remove dirt from red brick walkways with ammonia. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

A red brick walkway provides a whimsical, cottage feel to a home as it winds along your landscaping. Brick and mortar also have small crevices in which dirt likes to hide. Embedded dirt reduces the red color, fading the brick and giving the walkway a washed-out look. Removing ingrained grime from brick requires scrubbing the surface after loosening the dirt. Certain products and tools ensure your brick walkway remains elegant as it highlights your home.

Things You'll Need

  • Broom
  • Gallon bucket
  • Ammonia
  • Shop broom
  • Garden hose

Video of the Day

Sweep debris and dirt from the red brick walkway with a broom.

Fill a gallon bucket with water. Add 1/2 cup ammonia to the water.

Pour 1/4 cleaning solution from the bucket on one end of the walkway. Scrub the brick with a shop broom. Dig the broom into brick crevices to loosen embedded dirt. Move to the next area of the walkway and pour another 1/4 of the cleaning solution on the brick. Scrub the area with the shop broom and continue the same procedure with the remaining walkway area.

Spray the brick clean with a garden hose. Start at one end of the walkway and turn on the hose. Push the soap and dirt in one direction with the force of the water. Sweep the hose nozzle back and forth as you walk down the walkway, removing all soapy residue and dirt.

Sweep excess moisture and puddles from the brick with a clean broom.

Tips & Warnings

  • Using a pressure washer on brick may chip the surface.
  • Do not use muriatic acid to clean brick.


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