How to Troubleshoot a Walk-In Cooler

A functioning walk-in cooler is essential to preserving perishable products.
A functioning walk-in cooler is essential to preserving perishable products. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Prefabricated walk-in coolers are a cold storage solution for businesses and individuals, commonly used by the food industry. These highly insulated panel-designed structures vary in size and functionality -- some offering LED indicators, increased energy efficiency or built to tax credit specification. Designed around a condensing unit and evaporation coil, these large-capacity refrigeration units function similarly to mini-split air conditioning systems. Proper care and maintenance of a walk-in cooler can optimize its durability and continued functioning.

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Check the heat cable to confirm it has power, if there is ice formation or water condensation around the door. Many models will have a pilot light on the heat cable box -- the light is on if the heat thermostat is functioning. If the light is off, confirm that the circuit breaker is on and the fuses are not broken.

Remove the ice from the relief air vent if the doors are difficult to open. Confirm that the heat cable is working. If not, verify that the power source is working.

Clean the condensing unit drain line and pan if water drips from the condensing unit. This is often an indication that the line is blocked. Insert a long piece of plastic tubing into the drain line to dislodge debris build-up.


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