How to Use a Wrenchette on a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal may require the use of a wrenchette to free the motor.
A garbage disposal may require the use of a wrenchette to free the motor. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

A wrenchette is a specialized tool that is usually included with the purchase of a garbage disposal. It is similar in appearance to a large Allen wrench that has a bent end. Sometimes the motor of the garbage disposal will temporarily freeze up and needs help to start turning again. You insert the wrenchette in the bottom of the garbage disposal unit and turn the motor to free it. You should be able to complete the job with little effort in just a few minutes.

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Turn off the garbage disposal at the switch on the wall that supplies it with electrical current.

Locate the fitting underneath the garbage disposal unit into which you will need to insert the wrenchette. You will have to feel around with your hand since it is hard to get under the disposal and visually spot the fitting.

Insert the end of the wrenchette into the fitting on the underside of the garbage disposal. Ensure that the wrench is squarely inserted into the fitting.

Turn the wrenchette clockwise until the you feel the motor spinning freely. You may have to crank the wrenchette back and forth to free the motor. Turn on the switch for the disposal. If the motor will still not turn, turn off the switch and try freeing the motor again with the wrenchette. Turn on the switch. If the motor still will not turn, there may be a more serious problem, and you should consult a professional plumber.

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