How to Get Rid of Houseflies on My Patio

Things You'll Need

  • Small dishes

  • Mint, basil, clover (potted or picked)

  • Fly paper

  • Covered garbage can

  • Absorbent cloths

  • Eucalyptus oil

  • Insecticide sprays


While the patio is your place to relax outdoors and enjoy the weather, it leaves you vulnerable to the insects that live outside. The buzzing and biting of houseflies, for example, hamper your enjoyment of time on the patio -- but it doesn't have to be that way. Simple home remedies combined with sprays and baits help rid your patio of this winged menace, giving you back your freedom to relax and take in the warm summer weather.

Step 1

Throw away your garbage indoors or in an outdoor container away from the patio. Flies are attracted to garbage, so keeping a garbage can -- even a covered one -- on the patio keeps the flies coming.

Step 2

Minimize eating and drinking on the patio. When you do, immediately clear dishes and dispose of food waste away from the patio.

Step 3

Hang fly paper around the edges of the patio, where people are unlikely to walk into them. Fly paper is a sticky strip of paper that hangs down and attracts flies -- when it is covered in flies, throw it away and replace it.

Step 4

Grow potted herbs around the patio. Mint and basil are both easy to grow in small pots, and they serve as a natural fly repellent.

Step 5

Place open containers of mint, basil or clover on the patio. Even if you can't grow them on the patio, leaving them out in the open repels flies.

Step 6

Leave a few absorbent cloths around the patio and wet them with a few drops of eucalyptus oil -- this is another natural fly repellent.

Step 7

Use insecticide sprays sparingly and never around food.

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