How to Get Rid of Potato Beetles

Potato beetles attack potato crops, which can be a major concern for those in agriculture. Once an infestation of potato beetles is established, the beetles can spread quickly, affecting potatoes across acres of fields. When attacked, a potato plant can be defoliated and will become useless.

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If you want to use natural methods, introduce natural enemies of potato beetles to your fields. These include stink bugs, lacewings, ladybugs, and certain spiders. These predators will get rid of the potato beetles without harming your crops.

Utilize botanicals to get rid of the potato bugs. Botanicals are a more natural way to fight the bugs than pesticides. For example, rotenone is a botanical that comes from the roots of certain plants. Once introduced to your crops, it will start killing the potato bugs. A more aggressive botanical is pyrethrum. It can be combined with rotenone for faster results.

If all else fails, use biopesticides. Note that biopesticides cannot be used in organic farming, because they are chemical based. Biopesticides generally come in the form of sprays, and will effectively get rid of potato bugs on your crops.

Place a floating row cover over your potato crops once all the potato bugs are gone. This is an exclusion method of prevention that can keep a potato bug infestation from reoccurring.


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