How to Rewind an Electrical Motor

Electric motors are simple devices. The coils on the motor can be rewinded, but doing so is not so easy. Rewinding the motor will take some precise handling and some preparation. Only a skilled person in the electrical and mechanical field is recommended to proceed with this process. If the rewinding is messed up or poorly done, the motor could cease to operate. If that happens, taking your motor to a shop is recommended. No protection is required.

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Reveal the windings by removing the motor housing.

Take the wire from the tabs located on the brush pads. Bend the tabs very easily in order to remove the wire from the tabs.

Cut the coils of the wind from the motor. You can cut them at the top for the easiest way to cut. If you choose to, count the coils so you can reassemble the motor after you are done.

Check the insulation and replace it with material of similar composition or use insulating tape if necessary.

Rewind the armature of the motor using the same type of magnet and gauge used originally on the motor.

Recreate the winding pattern and number of coils exactly how they were when you cut the original coil. Do not cut anything at this point and make sure the coil is one long wire.

Connect your windings to the tabs where you began. Make sure none of the wires connecting the tabs are coming in contact.

Reassemble the motor housing.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are not experienced in electrical objects, it is recommended to take your motor to a shop instead. If this process fails, your motor could cease to work permanently.


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