How to Clean Leaves from a Pool Cover

The purpose of a pool cover is to keep debris out of the pool itself, leaving your swimming water clean and refreshing. These covers are especially important during the winter, as they help protect the pool's interior from cold-based damage. When it comes time to remove the pool cover in the spring, however, it is likely that you will find a lot of natural debris resting on its top. If you simply pull the cover away, all of that debris will fall into the pool. To avoid this situation, clean all of the detritus from the cover before moving it.

Things You'll Need

  • Pump or wet/dry vacuum
  • Pool skimmer
  • Hose and nozzle

Video of the Day

Remove as much water from the top of the pool cover as possible. Use a submersible pump or wet/dry vacuum to suck away as much of the water as you can, leaving only the leaves.

Use your pool skimmer to gather together and remove as many leaves as you can. Extend the arm of the skimmer if necessary to reach all areas of the pool. Bang or wipe off the skimmer in a location separate from the pool after each pass to make sure you don’t deposit leaves back onto the cover. You will be able to remove most leaves with the skimmer.

Blast off any residual leaves with a hose and sprayer nozzle. Don’t use the strongest pressure possible, as that may tear the cover, but use steady pressure to knock away any remaining leaves.

Pump or vacuum the remaining water from the cover. The water may contain small pieces of leaves, so remove as much water as you can from the pool cover before removing it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you clean all leaves and debris from the filter and collection areas of your pump or wet/dry vacuum. Leaves can clog the machines, which can result in serious damage if left unresolved.


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