How to Kill Roaches Fast With a Fogger

Things You'll Need

  • Barrier-type spray pesticide

  • Roach fogger (preferably a penetrating fogger)

  • Roach baits


Roaches are a major problem when they infest your home, contaminating food and leaving waste on household surfaces. These insects are notoriously hard to kill, though a number of insecticide products are designed specifically to kill roaches and other household pests. Among these are foggers, which are effective at drawing roaches out but may take several uses before they completely eliminate the infestation. Combining foggers with other extermination methods allows you to kill roaches quickly and more effectively than using a single pesticide product alone.

Step 1

Apply a "barrier" pesticide along the exterior walls of your home and along any areas inside your home where you suspect roaches may enter. These pesticides are easily picked up by roaches as they pass over them, letting the roaches take them back to their nest.

Step 2

Open cabinets, remove outlet covers, and open any other closed areas where roaches might enter or leave the house so that the fogger can more easily penetrate the areas where roaches hide and make their nests. If your fogger leaves areas of the house untouched, the roach infestation can use these areas to rebound after the initial kill.

Step 3

Place the fogger canisters around your house according to package directions. Use enough canisters to ensure complete coverage. Remove your family, pets and any items you don't want to be touched by the fogger, then set the canisters off. Stay out of your home for the amount of time recommended by the fogger packaging.

Step 4

Clean up after the fogger, disposing of the used canisters according to package directions and thoroughly cleaning any surfaces used for food preparation before they are used. You may notice a number of dead roaches, as foggers are designed to draw them out of hiding and kill them.

Step 5

Place roach baits near areas where you have seen roaches in the past. These baits will attract roaches that survived the fogger, killing them before they have a chance to repopulate.


Choose a fogger designed to penetrate deep into the walls and other areas where roaches nest, as this will help the pesticide to reach more of the roaches that infest your house.


The pesticides and aerosols included in roach foggers may cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma attacks, and may also make people or animals who come in contact with them sick. Do not reenter your house while the fogger is active. Clean up thoroughly after using the fogger.

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