Help Me Make My Small Closet Bigger

Small closets can be revamped to look larger.
Small closets can be revamped to look larger. (Image: Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Small closets are a source of annoyance for many homeowners and renters. It can be difficult to fit much of anything inside such limited space, and often the closet contents seem cramped and unorganized. Physically altering the closet by knocking out walls and expanding the space may not be feasible. However, numerous other tools and tricks can turn your closet into a spacious, functional area that seems bigger.

Things You'll Need

  • Lighting
  • Closet organization system
  • Mirror
  • Storage boxes

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Clean out your closet. Closets stuffed with clothes, shoes and storage items look much smaller than they actually are. Take everything out of your closet in order to see precisely how much space you’re working with.

Remove all unwanted items. If you have clothes, shoes or accessories in your closet that you haven’t worn in five years, get rid of them. Weed out anything you no longer want or need, then give the items to charity or friends.

Measure your closet. Having the dimensions of your closet allows you to purchase or build shelving and organization systems that fit precisely. Note the size of the doorway as well.

Install organizational shelving. Shelving, boxes and closet systems make the most of small closet spaces and make them look neat, which in turn makes it look as though you have extra space. Some people purchase organizational systems, while others choose to build their own shelving.

Organize the items you want to put back into the closet. Sort them in a particular way, such as by color or style, to give your closet a neater look and help you find clothing more easily. Consider only putting things in your closet on a seasonal rotation, leaving out-of-season clothing stored in the attic, basement or hall closet.

Use the closet door to your advantage. Closet doors give a closed-off feeling to the room and can make your closet seem more cramped. If you can, remove the closet door. If you can't remove the door, use it for even more storage, such as a hanging shoe rack. You can also hang a full-length mirror on the back of the closet door, which will make the closet look bigger and give you a way to check out your outfit in the morning.

Change the lighting inside the closet. The right lighting can create a completely different look in any area, closets included. Add a light or two so that the closet is brighter. You can rewire the closet for additional lights, but a removable light source, such as a touch lamp or hanging lantern, works just as well.


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