How to Kill Norway Rats

Norwegian rats thrive on all continents except Antarctica.
Norwegian rats thrive on all continents except Antarctica. (Image: Evening Standard/Valueline/Getty Images)

The Norway rat, also known as the brown rat, is a widespread disease carrying and highly destructive pest. Generally, this species of rat lives within several hundred feet of a standing body of water and is attracted to accessible human refuse. Traps, baits, and introduced predators are all methods of killing harmful brown rat infestations. With proper sanitation and barriers to deter future rat invasions, Norwegian rat extermination techniques are effective.

Things You'll Need

  • Snap traps
  • Glue traps

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Lure predatory species onto your property to hunt and kill rats. Snakes, predatory birds and house cats consider Norwegian rats a staple of their normal diets. Snakes enjoy dark environments like long grass, while eagles and hawks are fond of places to nest or perch.

Bait large rat traps with human food that will stick to the triggering mechanism, like peanut butter or hard candy. The rat will not be able to remove the bait and will have to forcefully pull on the trigger to activate the trap. Put snapping rat traps along the bases of walls and near food cabinets.

Baited traps are a cheap and efficient way to kill rats.
Baited traps are a cheap and efficient way to kill rats. (Image: rat in trap image by Edsweb from

Set out sticky glue traps if you can't use snapping traps due to children or pets. Place the traps in the same areas you would place a snapping trap, and rats will become ensnared out of curiosity. Replace dirty and dusty traps to promote their effectiveness. Dispose of trapped rats in two or more garbage bags.

Tips & Warnings

  • Poison baits can be effective killers, but consider the potential hassle of having to remove dead rats from seemingly random places such as walls, ceilings, cupboards and air vents.


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