Home Remedy for Skunk Deterrent

A variety of home remedies exist to deter skunks, but your first line of defense is to make your property as uninviting as possible. This means eliminating all food sources and cozy hiding spots. An easily toppled garbage can brimming with food scraps is a virtual paradise, as well as an unfenced garden, high grass, wood piles and easy access beneath your front porch. Once you purge such enticements, employing a combination of home remedies provides added protection against any particularly determined invaders.

Things You'll Need

  • Floodlights
  • Automated sprinklers
  • Animal urine
  • Cayenne or red pepper
  • Citrus peels

Video of the Day

Set up floodlights tied to motion detectors. Skunks are nocturnal, highly sensitive to light, so a burst of sudden brightness will send them scurrying into the night.

Set up automated sprinklers also tied to motion detectors. A sudden shower will also set a skunk and any other furry invader to flight.

Spread animal urine. Skunks will avoid your property when picking up other scents. If you do not have a dog ruling the roost via doggy door, you can actually buy animal urine from farm or garden supply stores in either granule or spray form. However, a fresh treatment is always needed following rainstorms.

Use cayenne pepper or red pepper — both natural deterrents that give skunks great pause about entering your property. Pepper spray is another alternative; however, you must again reapply after rainstorms.

Deploy citrus peels around your perimeter. Skunks are among many animals that disdain citrus smells. If you are unfortunate enough to have skunks congregating in any particular area, place an extra concentration of peels.


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