How to Kill Bees with Diatomaceous Earth

Bees are beneficial insects closely related to wasps and ants. They pollinate a wide variety of plants and produce beeswax and honey. Bees can, however, become a nuisance in your yard. Bee stings can be very painful and for individuals who are allergic, they can trigger a dangerous anaphylactic reaction that is life threatening. Diatomaceous earth is a highly effective bee killer. It's a fine powder that has microscopic, sharp edges that cut through the insect's body, causing death.

Bees are closely related to wasps and ants.

Things You'll Need

  • Protective clothing

  • Insecticide puffer

Step 1

Examine your yard for bee activity during the day, when they are the most active. Look for large swarms of bees, and follow them back to the nest.

Step 2

Wear tight protective clothing to protect against bee stings. Put some diatomaceous earth into an insecticide puffer and spray the bees nest with the powder.You can purchase an insecticide puffer at your local home and garden center.

Step 3

Reapply the diatomaceous earth the next evening, at dusk. This will ensure all of the bees are dead.

Step 4

Knock down the bees nest, once you are sure the bees are dead. Discard the nest in an outside trash container.

Step 5

Prevent bees from coming back. Inspect your yard for any sugary foods or drinks that may be attracting the bees.


Contact a local beekeeper, if you are allergic to bees. Sometimes, they will come and remove the bees for free.

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