How to Make a Flute or Slide Whistle From a Carrot

Got a carrot? In just a few minutes, you can create a simple wind instrument that will blow your friends away. Play (with) your food! Please note: kids love this project but it requires adult supervision.

playing carrot
playing carrot (Image: Debbie Williams)
How To Make A Whistle From A Carrot

Play (with) your food! Full tutorial:

Posted by eHow on Saturday, January 14, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Large carrot

  • Baby carrots

  • 1/2" to 3/4" drill bit

  • 1/16" to 1/8" drill bit

  • Portable drill

  • Paring knife

carrot supplies
(Image: Debbie Williams)

How to Make a Flute

Step 1: Hollow Out the Carrot

Choose a large carrot and cut the tip off up to the point where the diameter is larger than the drill bit you are using.

Cut carrot length
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Position the bit at the center of the cut end of the carrot and drill slowly and carefully. Hold the carrot below the drill bit and be careful not to drill through the side or the end of the carrot.

drilling carrot center
(Image: Debbie Williams)
hollowed out carrot
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Step 2: Cut the Notch

Approximately 1 inch from the drilled end of the carrot, cut into the carrot about 1/3 of the way through.

cut into carrot
(Image: Debbie Williams)
end view of cut
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Remove the knife, move down about 1 1/4" and make an angled cut to match the vertical cut you made previously. You can make several shallow cuts until you expose the drilled out center.

cutting angled notch
(Image: Debbie Williams)
closeup of knotted carrot
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Step 3: Make the End Plug

Find a baby carrot that fits snuggly into the end of the hollowed out carrot. Make a straight cut on the end of the baby carrot and then cut again to the length of the large carrot from the end to the notch.

cut baby carrot to length
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Stand the plug on end and make a vertical cut, about 1/3 of the width of the carrot plug.

close-up of cutting plug
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Place the plug into the end of the carrot, with the flat side lining up with the cut notch.

placing the plug into the end
(Image: Debbie Williams)
close-up of plug end
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Blow hard on the end of the carrot flute and see if you get a sound. If not, remove the plug and shave a little more off of the flat side and retry. You might have to try several times to get the perfect plug.

Step 4: Drill the Note Holes

Use the small bit to drill holes about 1 inch apart. Start at the farthest point of the hollowed portion of the carrot flute. Depending on the length of the carrot, you should be able to drill three or four holes.

drilling note holes
(Image: Debbie Williams)
finished carrot flute
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Step 5: Try it Out!

flute solo!
(Image: Debbie Williams)

How to Make a Slide Whistle

Step 1: Create the Body

Choose a large carrot and cut a section about 6 inches long. Make sure the diameter of the carrot is larger than your drill bit.

Cut large carrot
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Hold the drill bit at the center of the end of the carrot and drill slowly and carefully. Drill all the way through the length of the carrot.

Drill through center of carrot
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Step 2: Make the Notch & End Plug

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 from the flute instructions above to create a notch and end plug.

Notch cut at narrow end of carrot
(Image: Debbie Williams)
End plug in position
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Step 3: Create the Slide

Cut a second carrot for the slide. Make it about an inch shorter than the first carrot. Score carrot, all the way around the largest end.

Measure second carrot for slide
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Score the carrot, all the way around, about an inch from the larger end.

Score carrot all the way around
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Pare the carrot down, from the score line to the tip.

Pare carrot from score line to tip
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Test the fit and continue paring as necessary until the "slide" fits into the hole in the first carrot.

Push slide into whistle to test fit.
(Image: Debbie Williams)

Step 4: Play!

To play the whistle, blow into the mouthpiece while you pull the slide in and out.

Child playing carrot whistle
(Image: Debbie Williams)
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