How to Get Rid of Queen Bees

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Things You'll Need

  • Spray container of insecticide

  • Protective clothing

A colony of bees will be in close proximity of the queen bee.

The queen bee is the reproductive female in a colony of bees. A nest may be found in the hollow of a tree or hanging from a tree branch. Killing the queen bee usually requires extermination of the colony. Before destroying a colony of bees, however, seek the assistance of a beekeeper, who may be able to remove the queen and her colony without harming them, thereby protecting a priceless dwindling natural resource. In the absence of such assistance, proceed cautiously with steps to eliminate the bees using an insecticide.


Step 1

Identify the bee and make sure it is not a wasp. The body of a bee looks similar to that of a wasp, but it has a fuzzy-looking batch at the top of its body.

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Step 2

Identify the bee as a queen bee. The body of a queen bee is longer than those of other bees, and they are usually much faster than the others, which makes them difficult to catch. The queen bee rarely leaves the nest.


Step 3

Wait until evening, when the bees have retired. Cover up as much of your skin as possible, wearing thick socks, a sweater, gloves and a face mask.

Step 4

Spray the nest thoroughly with a container that allows you to accurately direct a stream from several feet away. Ensure the insecticide covers the entire surface of the nest.

Step 5

Spray the nest the next evening as well to ensure that the queen bee and her colony have been fully exterminated.



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