Homemade Alternatives to Liquid Dish Soap

Liquid dish soap is effective in washing dishes and other items.
Liquid dish soap is effective in washing dishes and other items. (Image: George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Liquid dish soap is available in many brands and scents. Although it is typically inexpensive, many people choose to make all their home cleaning products. This ensures that you protect your family against substances they are allergic or sensitive to that may cause problems with their health. It is uncomplicated to make your own alternatives to liquid dish soap. This helps our environment because you do not have to throw away the packaging from the liquid dish soaps, you can just re-use your own container.

Things You'll Need

  • 16 oz. plastic bottle with a spout or a squirt top
  • Measuring cup
  • 1/4 cup soap flakes
  • Plastic container or small bowl
  • Wisk or fork
  • 1/4 cup glycerin
  • Orange essential oil, or your favorite scent
  • Metal grater, optional
  • Mild bar soap, optional

Video of the Day

Pour the soap flakes into a plastic container or small bowl. Add 1/2 cups of hot water. Stir them with a wisk or fork until the flakes dissolve.

Wait for the solution to cool. This should take about five minutes.

Add the glycerin and two or three drops of your favorite essential oil to the container. Stir the mixture well.

Pour the homemade liquid dish soap into the plastic bottle. Use it as you would any other liquid dish soap product.

Tips & Warnings

  • Liquid castile soap is a mild cleanser and you can fill your plastic bottle with it as an alternative to liquid dish soap. Add 1 drop of essential oil per each ounce of the liquid soap. Shake the bottle well and use as you would any liquid dish soap.
  • Soap flakes are available at many health food or grocery stores and online.
  • Grate a bar of mild soap very finely with a metal grater if you cannot locate the soap flakes.


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