How to Make an Obi-Wan Costume

A visit to the thrift store can supply you with everything you need.
A visit to the thrift store can supply you with everything you need. (Image: victorian style store image by Pierrette Guertin from

Obi-Wan Kenobi is the heroic Jedi master in George Lucas' Star Wars saga. He is a very popular character with both children and adults. Not surprisingly, Obi-Wan costumes are very popular. You can purchase a store-bought costume, but the quality is usually very low. Fortunately, this costume can be assembled out of found materials, with very little modification. With a bit of time searching thrift stores, you can become Obi-Wan and save the galaxy.

Things You'll Need

  • White T-shirt
  • Tan shirt
  • Khaki pants
  • Brown riding boots
  • Brown belt
  • Brown robe
  • Safety pins, scissors and sewing supplies

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Put on a white T-shirt to serve as the under tunic.

Put on a tan, long-sleeved T-shirt over the white shirt, forming the tunic. This one should have a V neck to expose a bit of the white shirt. Another option is to remove the collar and buttons from a tan button-up shirt. Put it on and cross the two sides at nipple level, forming a V neck. Use a safety pin to hold the sides together.

Put on a pair of khaki pants or leggings. They should be relatively tight but not completely form fitting. Don't worry about pockets or belt loops; you will leave the tan shirt untucked.

Add a pair of brown, knee-high riding boots to the costume. If you can't find these in a thrift store, check online. Auction sites often have boots that will work at a good price.

Wear a thick, brown leather belt on top of the tan shirt at waist level. You can decorate it with pouches at the sides if you want, but the robe will probably hide them.

Finish the costume with a brown, hooded robe. You can make one from a pattern if you want, or you can simply use a bathrobe made of a coarse material (terrycloth is too easily identifiable). Obi-Wan's robe is quite full, so you want to purchase a size too large.


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