How to Display Wreaths at a Craft Show

Things You'll Need

  • Display tables

  • Medium-height boxes

  • Hooks

  • Spotlights

  • Photo easels

An attractive booth display will drive sales for your show.

How you choose to display wreaths at a craft show can spell either sales success or doom. Fortunately, displaying wreaths doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. By keeping your booth uncluttered, paying attention to levels and giving customers choices, your wreaths will stand out and entice everyone who passes by. Keep in mind that each craft show is a learning opportunity -- pay attention to how customers shop and try out new display techniques until you find what works best for your product.


Step 1

Get a feel for the space where you will display your wreaths. Acquire the dimensions of your booth and how many walls you will have available.

Step 2

Decide how many wreaths you will bring to sell at the show. Include the wreaths that you will set out for display, as well as any extra stock that you will have on hand to replace the wreaths you've sold.

Step 3

Plan your display before you arrive at the craft show. Create a checklist so that you don't forget any important items as you pack.


Step 1

Set up three tables in a "U" shape along the back and sides of the booth. If the booth is small, use an "L" shape to reduce crowding.

Step 2

Place your wreaths on large photo easels on the tabletops. To create different display levels, set one or two medium-height boxes on each table top, cover them with cloth, then set the easels and wreaths on top of the boxes. Tape or otherwise secure the easels to the tabletops to ensure that the display is sturdy.

Step 3

Hang wreaths from walls if they are available. Use removable hooks or display hooks, if the wall is a pegboard. Don't crowd the wreaths together, but include enough items so that the wall doesn't look bare.

Step 4

Place small, upward-tilting spotlights on the tables and floor to brighten the wreaths and highlight their colors.

Step 5

Display a photo book on one of the tables. Inside the book, place photos of any wreaths you don't have room to display or custom wreaths that your customers can order.


Keep your booth a friendly, comfortable place to shop. Avoid heavy food smells and loud music. Be sure to smile and greet customers with a friendly "hello."

When chatting with customers, casually ask what kinds of wreaths they would like to see at a craft show. You might get your next big idea, but at the very least you’ll get a feel for what customers want.


Make sure your displays are sturdy and won’t fall if they are accidentally bumped.