How to Use Tulle With Lights

Things You'll Need

  • Ladder

  • Measuring tape

  • Tulle

  • Scissors

  • String lights

  • Staple gun

  • Stapler

  • Staples

  • Double-sided tape

  • Ribbon

  • Extension cords

Tulle fabric is available in many colors.

Tulle is an inexpensive fabric of very fine netting available in many colors at fabric and craft stores. Tulle is sold in yards, on spools in varying widths, and in craft shapes or sheets. There is a tulle product for almost every crafting or decorating need. Because of the versatility of tulle, it remains a popular decorating accessory. You can use clear twinkle lights inside of tulle swags to decorate ceilings, columns and poles, and walls.

Wrapping Poles

Step 1

Measure from the ceiling, around the pole, and to the floor. Space rows of tulle about 12 inches apart. Use tulle about 36 inches wide to create gathers. Cut the tulle to the determined length.

Step 2

Gather the end of the tulle fabric in one hand. Fold it accordion-style until it measures about 8 inches wide. Staple the end to the ceiling, close to the pole, spacing the staples about an inch apart.

Step 3

Insert a light string end between two staples. Enclose the string within the tulle. Gather the tulle loosely in your hand. Décor Medley website suggests using Christmas lights in white or clear. Lights of the same color as the tulle also can be used.

Step 4

Wrap the tulle (with the lights inside) around the pole, spacing rows about 12 inches apart. Wrap to the end of the pole.

Step 5

Fold under the tulle end. Staple the end with a desk stapler. Attach double-sided tape beneath the end. Press the end to the pole.

Decorating Ceilings

Step 1

Cut tulle 78 inches wide and about 60 inches long to create swags. Swags will extend 24 inches from the ceiling.

Step 2

Examine electrical outlets available. If you're covering a ceiling in tulle swags, you'll need several outlets. Attach the light strings to estimate how much coverage you have. Use extension cords to reach outlets if necessary.

Step 3

Grasp the end of a tulle piece. Gather it in your hand. Insert a light string in the center of the tulle within your hand (let the plug and cord protrude). Tie a 3-inch ribbon around the tulle end, with the light string inside.

Step 4

Stretch the light string loosely in the center of the tulle swag. Gather the other end of the tulle around the light string. Tie a 3-inch ribbon around the end and the light string.

Step 5

Align the tied tulle end (opposite of the plug end) with the ends of another tulle piece. Butt the tied end against the end of the other piece of tulle. Gather the tulle around the light string. Tie with a 3-inch ribbon. Continue tying 60-inch-long tulle sections around the light string until the string is covered.

Step 6

Plug the string into the outlet. Staple the first tied tulle end to the ceiling with a staple gun.

Step 7

Move the ladder under the next tied end. Loosely hold the swag to the ceiling so the tulle drapes down about 24 inches. Staple the two tied tulle ends (which are beside each other) to the ceiling. Move the ladder, and proceed stapling the swag to the ceiling. Space rows according to your preferences.

Decorating Walls

Step 1

Measure the wall from the ceiling to the floor. Add 6 inches. Measure the wall's width. Multiply the width by three. Cut tulle according to the length and width.

Step 2

Staple the left-top corner to the ceiling or top of the wall. Gather about 3 inches of tulle in your hand. Staple it 1 inch from the first staple. Proceed across the wall.

Step 3

Insert a light string end behind the tulle between staples. Allow the light string to hang behind the tulle. Space the light strings according to your preference.


Tuck petals, sparkly tissue paper, or confetti into the swags. Tulle wrapped around light strings may be stapled around windows and doors; or in a “star” pattern on the ceiling, away from a light fixture.

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