How to Rid a Lawn of Moles With Chemicals

Moles are a scourge upon many a lawn and garden. The creatures are best known for burrowing under the surface of the garden, leaving large holes and trails throughout the area and killing off grass and other vegetation in the process. Moles can sometimes be difficult to get rid of when they've established a home somewhere but there are traps, baits and chemical treatments designed to eliminate a mole population. Chemical treatment of moles requires some patience.

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Locate the mole's tunnels in the yard. You will likely find several holes in the dirt where the moles come in and out.

Drop some mole repellent into the holes in accordance with the chemical's specific instructions. Castor oil is a lead ingredient in many repellents while zinc phosphide is a toxic pellet that is sold in garden supply stores.

Reapply the repellent or toxin every few days in accordance with the package instructions.

Apply the pesticide chemical diazinon to the soil in a rate of 40 lbs. per acre. Diazinon kills off grubs in the ground and thus eliminates a major source of the mole's food supply. Wear gloves and follow all safety instructions.

Tips & Warnings

  • Trapping is generally considered more reliable and effective in getting rid of moles than chemical application. Consider setting either live-capture or killing traps near the tunnel entries for faster results.


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