How to Stay Warm With Blankets

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You can wrap yourself in a blanket to keep out the cold.

With so many of us trying to keep energy bills down, it is tempting to lower the thermostat in the winter. To keep yourself warm, you can always resort to heavier clothes, warm foods and, of course, some thick blankets. A blanket acts as an insulator to keep heat energy inside. The technique you use to warm yourself with a blanket can make a big difference in how warm you stay. To stay as insulated as possible, it is preferable to have someone else to help you fold the blanket.

Step 1

Choose a blanket made from a material that insulates well, such as wool or velvet. Big, puffy blankets are a good choice, because air is a very good insulator.

Step 2

Fluff up the blanket on the air dry setting in the dryer. This adds air to the blanket to increase its insulatory power.

Step 3

Lie down on the blanket, with only your head off of it.

Step 4

Fold the bottom edge of the blanket up over your feet, and then wrap one side of the blanket over your body, tucking it under you as needed.

Step 5

Ask someone else to wrap the other side of the blanket back over you and tuck it beneath you. You should now be wrapped up like a burrito, which should minimize the possibility of air coming in through any gaps in the blanket.

Step 6

Make the opening as airtight as possible by having someone else pull it tight around you and tuck it under securely.


Blankets made out of material with a high R-value, or resistance to heat flow, insulate the best.

You can sew the edges of a blanket together in the shape of a sleeping bag in order to keep the warmth inside as much as possible.


You can easily overheat inside of blankets. Do not fall asleep inside of the blankets unless you are sure that overheating will not occur. Also, do not keep your head under the blanket for a prolonged period.

Babies should never be wrapped in a blanket unless they are swaddled extremely tightly. Alternatives include using a wearable blanket or a heavy sleeper to keep your baby warm.