How to Make Hot Dogs From Deer Meat

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Things You'll Need

  • Venison

  • Meat grinder and/or food processor

  • Seasonings (to taste)

  • Sausage stuffer

  • Vegetable oil or water

  • Natural or collagen casings

  • Butcher’s string (for use with collagen casings)

  • Scissors

Spice up your hot dogs by making them with deer meat.

A good beef hot dog might be all that's on the menu a ballparks and vending carts in big cities. But when you're cooking in your backyard or preparing for a weekend camping trip, you have a choice. Hot dogs made from deer meat, more commonly referred to as venison, can be a creative twist to the normal grilled fare and can also be used to spice up neighborhood picnics. Venison hot dogs can provide a a taste of an unfamiliar meat in a familiar form, and is lower in fat than regular hot dogs.


Step 1

Run your deer meat through the smallest setting on your meat grinder twice. For best results, emulsify the ground meat in a food processor until all noticeable clumps or chunks are gone and the mixture becomes a smooth, heavy paste. Add water as necessary to help with the emulsifying process.


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Step 2

Mix in your desired seasonings and blend well by folding and kneading the meat thoroughly--clean your hands thoroughly before doing this, or wear gloves. Some recipes call for letting the meat mixture chill in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes prior to stuffing. Other recipes encourage stuffing promptly after mixing for best results.


Step 3

Load the mixture into the sausage stuffer and pack tightly to force out any air pockets that may form.

Step 4

Lubricate the outside of the stuffing nozzle on the sausage stuffer with vegetable oil (if using collagen casing) or with water (if using natural casings).


Step 5

Load the casing over the sausage stuffer nozzle and continue to feed onto the nozzle until the end of the casing meets the opening at the end of the nozzle.

Step 6

Turn the crank on your sausage stuffer to expel the meat mixture through the nozzle. Holding onto the casing over the nozzle and letting the casing slide off naturally will help to ensure a tight pack.


Step 7

Twist the filled casing at desired lengths to create the individual hot dogs. Twisting just a few times should be enough to securely seal each end. If you're using collagen casings, tie each end of each link tightly with butcher string.

Step 8

Cut into individual links by snipping the casing at the twists with the scissors. If you're using collagen casings, cut each link between the strings at each end of the links.



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