How to Sneak Around on Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are tricky to walk quietly on.

Hollywood actors and actresses make it seem simple to walk silently on old squeaky floor boards, but it takes a little education and finesse to do it in real life successfully. Whether you have house guests or a new baby in the house, or just want to be able to walk without everyone hearing a tell-tale squeak, there are a couple of things you can do to make your movements around the house as stealthy as possible.

Step 1

Take off your shoes if they have hard soles. The simple sound of the shoe hitting the floor can make enough noise to wake someone up. Wear socks, as they are the quietest option for walking on hardwood floors; they are even quieter than bare feet.

Step 2

Wear soft fiber clothing that won't make noise when you walk. Make sure that you are not wearing bulky clothes that will swish as you walk across the hardwood floor.

Step 3

Hold your weight when you walk. Place your foot down so that the ball of your foot absorbs your weight instead making a normal-heel-to-toe step. Shift your weight to your other foot after it has already been placed down on the floor to ensure that you cause almost no impact noise.

Step 4

Walk near the edge of the walls or near heavy objects; floorboards are rarely loose in these areas. Step on the firm boards slowly and carefully to make sure that no boards rub against each other or a loose nail.

Step 5

Watch where you step; look to see that each step is on a clean part of the floor, as anything like a potato chip or piece of crumbled paper will make extra noise when it is stepped on.

Step 6

Slow your breathing down so that no slight wheezing or heavy breathing will resound across the wood floor as you walk. If necessary, breath through your mouth.

Step 7

Create another noise to distract the listener from hearing your steps across the hardwood floor. Attract the listener's attention by playing the stereo or radio quietly, freeing you to walk unheard across the floor.