How to Clean With Club Soda

A dash of bitters in a glass of club soda is a good cure for indigestion or hangover.
A dash of bitters in a glass of club soda is a good cure for indigestion or hangover. (Image: Images)

Beyond its most popular application as a mixer for scotch, whiskey or lime juice, club soda has many uses as a housekeeping aid. After a party, leftover club sofa can loosen rusty nuts and bolts, wick the green from chlorine-stained blond hair and help indoor green plants grow. Also, soaking oysters in it before shucking makes the shucking process faster and easier. Many different household objects and surfaces can be cleaned with club soda.

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Cleaning Stains from Fabrics

Pour club soda over the stain.

For urine or wine stains on carpet, blot the soda up to remove the smell without spreading the stain.

Scrub the stain -- gently for delicate fabrics, more vigorously for carpets or sturdy fabrics.


Pour club soda in a glass.

Place gems such as rubies, sapphires and diamonds in the soda.

Allow to soak overnight.

Car Windshield

Keep club soda in a spray bottle in your car.

Apply to bird droppings, greasy stains or other stubborn messes.

Wipe away with paper or cloth towel.

Countertops and Fixtures

Pour club soda onto countertop or fixture. To clean the inside of a refrigerator, first mix with a little bit of salt.

Wipe with a soft cloth.

Rinse with warm water and wipe dry. For porcelain fixtures, this step is unnecessary.

Cast Iron

Pour club soda into the cast iron pot or skillet while the pot is still warm.

Soak while the pot cools.

Clean as usual.


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