How to Cut Rocks With a Rock Saw

Cutting some rocks exposes the beautiful minerals inside.
Cutting some rocks exposes the beautiful minerals inside. (Image: rock cutting image by Allyson Ricketts from

Rock saws are devices used for cutting rocks. Rock cutting may be necessary if you are a jewelry maker, geologist or someone who wants to cut rocks for landscaping projects. Rock saws are available online and in specialty stores. Note that it may be necessary to cut several rocks to be comfortable using the saw before cutting the specific rocks you want to use in your project.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Rock saw
  • Rock saw oil
  • Water
  • Vice
  • Safety glasses

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Lubricate the rock saw using the correct lubricant included with the saw in the correct lubrication points. Use the owner's manual as a guide.

Draw a pencil mark on the rock in the location of where you want the cut.

Attach your garden hose or water tubing to the water inlet section of the rock saw.

Put on safety glasses before you turn the unit on.

Clamp the rock down using the rock saw's vice. Turn on the water hose to the unit so you get a steady trickle of water.

Position the blade by turning the adjustment knobs until the rock is in the correct place for the cut. Turn on the blade and slowly lower it onto the rock, or pull the blade forward according to the design of the blade. Use light pressure to bring the blade through the rock. Stop cutting if the unit begins to wobble or shake.

Inspect your cut and turn the machine off.

Tips & Warnings

  • Clean out the sludge and oil from the rock saw regularly to prevent issues with the blade and cutting.


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