How to Change a Document From Portrait to Landscape in Word

Microsoft Word, the word processing component of every version of the Microsoft Office Suite, offers the ability to create more than just a page of words. With templates to help you create certificates, party fliers, reunion posters, brochures and banners, Word can put your word processing in a new perspective. Part of that perspective may involve orienting your documents in a nontraditional format on the screen, such as landscape, where your page is wider than it is long, rather than the more common portrait orientation.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word, click the “File” tab and click “Open.” Browse the file list to find the document to change into landscape orientation and double-click the file name. The document opens in a new Word window.

Step 2

Click the “Page Layout” tab at the top of the screen. Click the “Orientation” button directly below it on the toolbar/ribbon.

Step 3

Click the “Landscape” menu option and the document automatically changes to landscape.

Step 4

Click the “File” tab, click “Save As” and type a new name for the document to preserve the original or save it with the same name to overwrite the original.

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