How to Kill Mole Lawn Tunnels

Things You'll Need

  • Garden stakes

  • Mole traps

  • Smoke cartridges (optional)

  • Lawn roller


If you wake up one morning to find your grass covered with small hills, bumps and tracks, you've got moles. Not only will the moles disturb your grass, but they may also damage garden plants in the process. Moles can be difficult to eradicate from your yard, but you must kill the moles before you kill or destroy their tunnels. Failure to kill all the moles first means you'll end up with fresh tunnels.

Step 1

Identify all mole tunnels on your lawn. The soil will be pushed up in a line along your yard. Mark the trail's start and end points with garden stakes for quick identification.

Step 2

Tamp down the soil near a mole tunnel to block the tunnel. Wait 24 hours to see whether the moles push the tunnel back up. If the soil remains tamped down, the lawn tunnel is no longer active. If the moles push the soil back up, they are still using the tunnel.

Step 3

Place a mole trap near the tunnel entrance to trap and kill moles. Check the trap daily, and dispose of caught moles. If you catch no moles after three days, the trap is in the wrong location. The University of Wisconsin Extension recommends trapping as the most cost-effective and efficient mole-control method.

If you don't want to use traps, set a smoke cartridge near each tunnel entrance to fumigate the moles with smoke. Leave the smoke cartridge in place for the recommended amount of time, per the manufacturer's instructions. Repeat this until you see no new mole activity.

Step 4

Push a lawn roller back and forth across the lawn to eradicate the mole hills. This will remove the lawn tunnels from your lawn, restoring its previous appearance.

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