How to Clean a Vicks Humidifier Filter

A Vicks humidifier increases the moisture in the room or area that it is placed in--relieving congesting from the common cold as well as flu and sinus infections. Keeping the filter inside of a Vicks humidifier clean enables the appliance to work efficiently and will get rid of any contaminants that have been picked up and deposited on the filter. The procedure for cleaning the filter is straightforward and does not require the use of any dangerous chemicals. Common household supplies can be used.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towel
  • Drying rack

Video of the Day

Turn off the Vicks humidifier and unplug the power cord. Press in on the notches on the left and right upper side of the grill on the front of the Vicks humidifier. Pull the grill off.

Turn the grill over. Place the grill on a table. Push down on the top of the grill to disengage the filter. Pull the filter off the grill.

Wipe off the grill on both sides with a paper towel. Throw the paper towel away. Place the grill aside.

Hold the filter under warm tap water in the kitchen sink. Turn the filter over so that both sides are saturated by the warm water. Turn the tap off. Shake off the filter. Place the filter on a drying rack overnight.

Replace the filter on the grill. Push down on the filter to engage the filter's clips to the grill.

Place the grill back onto the Vicks humidifier. Push the grill onto the Vicks humidifier to reengage the clips. Plug in the power cord.

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