How Do I Shorten the Drawstrings on Keen Sandals?

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Keen sandals, made for men, women and children, are lightweight and comfortable. The unique "hybrid" design of Keen footwear is a sport sandal made with environmentally responsible materials. The design elements Keen sandals are most well-known for are the toe-guards and the drawstrings. With the heavy use of spending the summer in your Keens, it is possible for the drawstring to stretch and become unwieldy. Shortening the drawstring can extend the life of your Keen sandals.

Things You'll Need

  • Keen sandals

  • Scissors

Step 1

Put the sandal on. Pull the drawstring up and push the toggle down so that it is as close to the shoe body as possible. The shoe should be snug, not tight.

Step 2

Cut the loop of the drawstring with scissors.

Step 3

Tie the drawstring into a double knot as close to the toggle as possible.

Step 4

Trim the excess drawstring so that there is still a little bit outside the knot (so that you can retie it if it becomes untied). Discard the excess drawstring. Repeat on the second sandal if necessary.


Keen sandals are great for running, hiking and water sports like rafting and kayaking. Keen sandals are not water tight, however they do keep sweat and light moisture away from your foot. They also dry quickly if they become waterlogged.

In addition to their trademark sandals, Keen also makes a line of flip-flops and other casual summer shoes for men, women and children.


Eventually with heavy use, the elastic in the drawstring on Keen sandals will stretch to the point of breaking or being unusable. At that point you can also replace the drawstring with new elastic and extend the life of the sandals further until the soles wear out or they become uncomfortable.

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