How to Clean an Old Wool Blanket

Proper care can preserve the look and condition of your wool blankets.
Proper care can preserve the look and condition of your wool blankets. (Image: mexican blanket image by BONNIE C. MARQUETTE from <a href=''></a>)

Wool blankets are of vital importance during the cold months. Due to wool being a natural substance, it requires a certain amount of gentle handling. As wool fibers age, they weaken, unravel and fray. This causes any dye or color to fade. Mistakes in maintaining wool blankets can result in greater frizzing, fading as well as shrinking. Avoid high temperatures and direct, natural sunlight in order to preserve the fabric's color, size and texture. Using a proper cleaning method will help prolong the beauty and life of your old wool blankets for years to come.

Things You'll Need

  • White washcloth
  • Wool stain pre-treatment liquid
  • Spray bottle
  • Cool water
  • Large, clean container or bin
  • Wool fabric cleaner
  • Several large towels

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Pat any fresh, damp stain with a dye-free (white) washcloth as soon as possible. Blot the stain without using friction in order to remove any excess fluid from the wool fibers.

Pour a stain pre-treatment on the stain that is specifically designed for wool. Allow it to sit on the stain undisturbed for several minutes to an hour.

Fill a spray bottle with cool water and spray the water directly on the stain. Saturate the stained portion well. Do not rub or scrub the stained area.

Fill a container or bin with enough cool water to submerge the blanket. Dilute the wool fabric cleaner in the amount prescribed on the label by adding it to the cool water. Stir the water by agitating it with your hand to help mix the cleaner with the water. Place the blanket into the water and squeeze or press the water into the fabric of the blanket, concentrating on the stained section. Alternatively, you can gently swish the blanket in the water with your hand.

Remove the blanket from the water, squeezing the water out but not wringing or twisting the fabric. The stain should be gone or barely visible by now. Spread out enough towels in a shaded area, slightly overlapped, to allow the wool blanket to be placed flat over them.

Allow the wool blanket to dry completely. Once dry, look for the stain. It should be gone, but in the event that it is still visible, send the blanket to the dry cleaners to be dealt with professionally.


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